Sound design is a good deal more than simply choosing the right songs to play in a given moment. Devising the sonic experience and aesthetic is a collaboration between the designer and the director, performers, technicians, musicians, and ultimately: the theatre itself. To this end, it is difficult to showcase the success of a sound design on a website. Below I have included playlists that - while not a complete representation - give a terrific impression of the direction of the design for these productions.

I have also inlcuded links to selected episodes of The Deep Field - an audio-documentary podcast where I am co-producer and lead sound designer. These offer a much fuller example of my audio design voice, with episodes that range from 30-75 minutes in length.

The Circle
by Geoffrey Simon Brown
directed by Ann-Marie Kerr
Alberta Theatre Projects
October 20 - November 7, 2015

Waiting for the Parade
by John Murrell
directed by Kate Newby
Alberta Theatre Projects
September 13 - October 1, 2016

The Tall Building
by Jill Connell
directed by Denise Clarke
Hansome Alice Theatre
September 9 - 17, 2016

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